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  1. Basic Tour The best of Milan: Offers you the possibility to know the most famous cultural monuments of the city. From Mercanti’s square to the Royal Palace, the Duomo Cathedral with a basic visit inside and to the square. The Arcade in honour of our first king Vittorio Emanuele the IInd, the house of Manzoni the important Italian writer of 19th century, the world famous Opera Theatre La Scala, and the Castle.
    3 hours all outside no entrance tickets
  2. The Duomo, the Unity of Italy’s monuments, the museum of Novecento (20th century): a revival of the most glamorous historical time of the city, we’ll go through the 5 centuries of the construction of Duomo, the urban development of the square, from the Horse-drawn cab, to the first tram. Visit to Novecento’s Museum (only the first part of it).
    3 hours outside plus ticket for Museum entrance.
  3. The renaissance in Milan: Visit to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece the “Last Supper” painting (Il Cenacolo), and to the adjacent Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, both UNESCO world heritage sites, then visit to the Castle, external visit and on request one of the 5 internal museums, we suggest the Ancient Arts one. This tour is available also without the “Last Supper” visit, for which 30/40 days in advance reservation is required.
    2 hours plus ticket for Museum entrance.
  4. Brera and Porta Venezia areas: with this tour, you’ll get in touch with the religious art, visiting 2 of the most beautiful churches in Milan (Saint Simpliciano and Saint Marco). Then the icon of Milanese art: the Brera Palace hosting the world famous picture gallery. The tour will continue with the key symbols of Maria Teresa of Hugsburgus times. A pleasant walk through the Park will take us to the Royal Villa Belgiojoso, the seat of the Museum of modern art, visitable on request.
    4 hours.
  5. Complete visit to Duomo Cathedral: the historical and religious symbol above all, visible in all its aspects. The tour provides the purchase of a combined ticket including all entrances, such as: underground with Baptistery archaeological ruins, the treasure rooms, lift to the terraces, and of course full visit of the church inside.
    4 hours.
  6. The early Christian Basilicas, their park and the Navigli Canals: This tour will take you in one of the most fascinating part of the city. First you’ll visit St. Lorenzo’s Basilica and the roman Columns, than while listening to old folks-tales, we’ll reach St. Eustorgio’s Cathedral with its Portinari’s Chapel, one of the maximum renaissance masterpieces in Europe. Ending on the Navigli Canals.
    4 hours, entrance tickets required.
  7. Milan’s Patron Saint Ambrose, his beautiful Basilica and… This tour will show you one of the symbol of Christianity, its architectural beauty from early-Christian origin, to medieval and renaissance changes, up to our days. On Client’s request it is possible to continue the visit to the Basilica’s museum, or the Science and Technique Leonardo da Vinci’s one, or to ruins of imperial Mausoleum.
    3 or 4 hours, entry tickets required.