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today I wish to let you know about my wonderful experience with the Jewish world: a very interesting tour!!

I was excited and happy to introduce this very nice upper class couple from U.S.A to our Synagogue in Milan – here you are some pictures.

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Where did we go?

Well, we went to the Mother Synagogue!!


How to visit the Milan Synagogue

I started the tour with them giving an historical introduction about the Jewish settlement in Milan during centuries and about the most important places of the city still important symbols of that culture, then we reached the Mother Synagogue where Mr. Alberto gave us a warm welcome in the very elegant Guastalla district.

It’s necessary to book in advance with me personally in order to plan the visit in the best way!

The synagogue was founded in 1852 and the project was lead by the great architect Luca Beltrami, very appreciated for his works at the Sforza Castle & La Scala square.

After the terrible bombing in 1943, the building was reconstructed some years later in 1953 by the architect Gentili Tedeschi.

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Having never had a Jewish ghetto, Milan has not too many places to visit talking about the history of this community.

The most famous one is for sure the mother synagogue, with its gardens, located in the historical area of Guastalla Street, then the Memoriale della Shoah – binario 21 (Shoah Memorial at the Railway Central Station , binary 21) which deserves a booking!

It’s a special area located in the Central Railway Station where memories about deportation are kept alive with documents, photos and descriptions.

The third interesting place is a residential district of the city, out of the city centre, Bande Nere is the name of the nearest underground stop.

– The district of the city where the new generation of Jewish live is called San Giminiano/Bande Nere and it’s reachable by subway.

There, a famous Kosher restaurant is Carmel at number 10 of Viale San Gimignano Carmel Kosher: humus, falafel, tabboule, baklawa where you find the best meal; at number 13 of the same street you find a nice supermarket called Kosher Paradise; I’m not sure to include this area in our tour as it’s important that you see the central Milan, then you can decide to reach this area on your own

– Another interesting place, not far from the city center is (viale Montenero, 62 – via Carlo Poerio,35 / 7min. by taxi or 19 min. by tram) the famous HOUSE 770 one of the 12 copies of the New York house where the Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, mystic, religious and philosopher, leader of Chabad-Lubavitch used to live.

This house is unique in Europe.

– The CDEC, il Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea, (Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center) is the main reference in Milan of Jewish culture & history – here, these two famous film makers such as Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s list) and Roberto Benigni (Life is beautiful) have received all the right info during the preparation of their movies; it’s located in via Eupili, 8 (Sempione’s park).

This location is full of history because it was the place where young Jewish students went to school after the racial laws in 1938.

-As you can see, I care a lot about your tour and my intention is to give you a special day.

I’m not a specialist in this culture but made a research in order to give you these useful info, hoping you appreciate this approach!

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