Milan In Tour is very updated about the travel trends!

Who is in the field of tourism, knows what happens now: the travellers don’t want just go to visit a place, but they want to share experiences with their friends in the mainly social networks when they travel.

The endless progressing of social networks and the technologies, changes our lives and our way to travel & to live tourism!

People don’t want just be guided by travel guides to appreciate places, but they claim having a very unique experience to remember forever in their mind. This  new trend is what we call: the idea of experiential travel and experiential tourism.


“True travelers are not rich but curious people. They’re not looking for comfort, but novelty, surprises.” 

Paolo Crepet, an Italian psychologist, writer and sociologist, widely discussed about attending frequenting various television broadcasts


The real important task of a guided tour is to make the travellers happy and surprised them creating novelties!!

What does experiential travel mean?

Italy is a country that has always been appreciated for its history and landscapes, for its culinary tradition and craftsmanship.

Tourists visiting the Bel Paese love cultural tours, food and wine tours, cooking lessons or outdoor sports activities. 

All things are typical in every region, everyone can say!!  That’s True!!

How do you get amazing experiences?

What make the difference from a traditional tour to tailor made tour one?

I explain to you immediately!!

The new tendence is the chance to personalize your tour 100% adding all visits you’re really interested in – as well as meeting the visitors needs by a looser relation generally given by local figures!

The new trendy tour guides join professional experience, great knowledge of the territory a more friendly attitude towards visitors open to live the best Holiday ever.

Enjoy a unique experience!!

Tour in the best places you never seen in Milan with our assistance!!

Get involved in the atmosphere of charming tours!!

View upon the buidingGolf Experience

drink service


In Milan you have a very good chance to have a lot of opportunities of have experiential travels!!!

  • ART AND PASSION: people in love of art, wil feel passion for the widest choice of painters and sculptors represented in the city
  • FROM TOP TO TOE- FROM THE PARADISE WITH THE FASCINATING HIGHLINE GALLERY: visit the roof of Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. You wil be very impressed and have anamazing view!!! Milan you never seen it!!! To the UNGROUND WITH THE SECRETS OF THE SANTO SEPOLCRO CRYPT:  an Amazing Mix of history & legends
  • FOOD & TASTING: choose among several  food tours with/without final shopping the one that best suits your expectations
  • ROMANTIC NATURE EXPERIENCE : Enjoy the parks of Milan, discover hidden areas, such as the Belgioioso Villa, discover Conca dell’Incoronata by Leonardo DaVinci, take a relaxing stroll in the botanic garden…
  • ITALIAN COOKING EXPERIENCE: you can try courses of cooking with best chef!! You can learn how to make Risotto, Tagliatelle with Ragù, Tiramisù…!
  • GOLF EXPERIENCE: for the amatour of the sport. Milan In Tour Tour – Guide Service is connected with a service of Golf Experience
  • SKYLINE EXPERIENCE: there are many beautiful skyscrapers in Milan, try the 39th floor, the highest view for palazzo Regione Lombardia, the contemporary new-yorkers architects of Perr&Cobbs studio who changed the skyline of the city since the great international expo 2015

Live your experience in Milan!!!


Which experience, among the list below, do you fancy more?

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Milan in Tour

The Mighty Cathedral is located in the heart of the city, very easy to find it.

Inside, you admire the monumental beauty of centuries of history, then upon the rooftop, an amazing view; underneath, the archaeological area dating back the 4th century a.c.

Take a stroll along the Arcade lined with shops, Gallery Victor Emmanuel, you will be very impressed to make out the Theatre La Scala at the end of it!!

What about the man at the top f that monument…? That’s the genius! Leonardo Da Vinci: who knows he lived 19 years in Milan at the Sforza Court!!!

Milan In Tour- Special Service- What does experiental travel mean, for Milan in Tour?


Milan in Tour can offer you all of the services we have been talking about in this article and obviously………lots more of other typical trendy experiences!!

We arrange your experience and make it unique and unforgettable according to your needs. Ask information by filling out the contact form, we will be glad to help you!

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